I am a wife, mother, and Christian.  I have Crohn’s disease, a disease of the gastrointestinal system.

I entered the hospital in March 2017 with a perforated colon and abscess.  There was a six day comma, a pause, as we waited to see how my body would respond to the medical interventions.  Ultimately, I required a partial colectomy, the surgical removal of a third of my colon.  I now live as a semicolon.

This blog was created as a platform to share my story in the hope of encouraging others who suffer physically, with Crohn’s, other chronic ailments, or unexpected medical trauma.  My hope is in Christ.  It is God’s word that sustains me.  This is my humble attempt to communicate hope to others who are suffering.

Please navigate to “MY STORY” via the menu to read about my journey as a semicolon and the resulting complications.  This story is still being written.

Please navigate to “DEVOTIONAL THOUGHTS” via the menu to read a collection of ponderings, musings, and reflections on God’s word and the encouragement it brings.